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Founder, Breed Networks, LLC

Fashion photography is a glamorous fast paced industry, with the opportunity to travel the world, brush shoulders with fabulous people, and belong to the fashion elite. A full-time career in fashion photography can lead to an exciting life, however being one of the most competitive industries out there, it is very hard to get your foot in the door.

Without the required knowledge of the technical, theoretical and practical aspects of the game, you’re unlikely to make any serious headway in the business. Breed’s mission is to provide you with the right knowledge and tools you need in order to take on the challenges, and rise to the top. With our service we wish to revolutionize the way fashion photography is taught, bringing you an unfiltered insight to all sides of the industry, in-depth tutorials, and useful equipment reviews. Join the Breed by attending an in person BREED Academy class with Melissa, sign up for an online membership to watch hundreds of premium video tutorials or choose from 9 in depth Fashion Photography Classes to download from the Breed Store.


Richard Ruiz, Professional Retoucher

David Harrington, Professional / Celebrity Hair Stylist


Ryan Hall, Web Designer / Director of Communications


Crystal Cuevas, Business Analyst / Web Designer