Advanced Fashion Photography Lighting

The business of fashion photography is highly competitive and unforgiving. It is vital to have a great knowledge of the tools of the trade in order to thrive and produce work at a professional level. Lighting is the essence of photography, and oftentimes an understanding of light and the techniques required to compose a photo with exceptional lighting often differentiates the professionals from the amateurs.






The guide includes video tutorials explaining each of the 22 unique lighting setups in depth using 3D video of the actual setup, HD video footage from a shoot with the setup, a walk through of camera settings and equipment, and a thorough look at the finished shot. All setups are accompanied by audio commentary, written explanations, lighting diagrams and high resolution photos of the results.






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"Seeing Melissa in the actual shoots is very helpful for answering questions you may never have thought to ask."

Your copy will include 22 unique lighting setups with 3D videos of the setups, HD video footage from actual shoots with the setups, walk through of the camera settings and equipment, and a thorough look at the finished shoot. All with accompanying audio commentary, written explanation, lighting diagrams, and high res photos of the result. An instant download link will be provided upon purchase (1gb).