Are you confident in your work, but have yet to be published?

Breed provides all the resources neccessary to produce, shoot, and publish an incredible, eight page fashion editorial with Melissa Rodwell.


Take your work to the next level by being published

Learn exactly what it takes & how to become published, and have the oppurtunity to be selected for a spread in an upcoming edition of BREED Magazine.

Breed Magazine Vol. 3 "Royal Luxe" Photography by Michael Kruger

Breed Magazine Vol. 3 "Royal Luxe" Photography by Michael Kruger

Breed Magazine Vol. 3 "Royal Luxe" Photography by Michael Kruger

Breed Magazine Vol. 3 "Royal Luxe" Photography by Michael Kruger


Produce your dream shoot

Save time by working with industry professionals - a hair stylist, makeup artist, and a creative director will be on set to work with you.

Plan your production from start to finish with help from the Breed Team, along with guidance relevant to your portfolio and current career standing.



Work with Melissa Rodwell one-on-one to produce a high end editorial photoshoot and have the chance to be published in BREED Magazine.

Cast your model and select a stylist for your editorial to ensure your vision is produced to be captured perfectly.


Class Details

Day 1

We'll meet for a light breakfast at 9AM and look at everyone’s portfolio. I’ll do a review of your portfolio, a career assessment and give you some advice on what you should be focusing on at the stage you’re at in your career. Then we will walk through what an editorial assignment looks like. I’ll show you mood boards from previous magazine assignments I have had, how I went about executing the assignment, what tasks I was given by my fashion editors and how I solved each part of pre-production until the shoot day. We’ll go through all the aspects of what it takes to shoot an editorial:

  • Casting
  • Location Scouting
  • Determining the right lighting
  • Envisioning the shot list and sequence based on weather, looks, timing, etc.


Breed Magazine Vol. 3 "The Truth of a Woman" Photography by Henrique Resende

Breed Magazine Vol. 3 "The Truth of a Woman" Photography by Henrique Resende

Day 2:

Call Time is 9 AM. You will arrive at the studio and your team and model will be there all ready to get started on your own editorial. I will act as editor ( because I am the editor ) and while the model is getting ready we will go through your mood board again, making sure you have everything set. You will be given an assistant and your lighting will already be pre-determined from our discussion on day one.

Breed's Fashion Editorial Workshop is a very informative, fast paced class designed for experienced photographers who want to get their work published. The Breed Team will teach you what you need to know about how to shoot a High Fashion Magazine editorial from start to finish. It will be an amazing opportunity to learn how to produce and shoot your own high fashion editorials. We recommend that you attend a Breed class or classes prior to this one or have experience.

Breed Magazine Vol. 3 "The Sculptures of Apotheosis" Photography by Daria Belakova

Breed Magazine Vol. 3 "The Sculptures of Apotheosis" Photography by Daria Belakova


gain insider knowledge from a seasoned professional

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About Melissa Rodwell

Melissa has lived and worked all over the world, shooting for companies like Nike and NBC Television, to Ralph Lauren and Harper’s Bazaar. She has worked with hundreds of clients, brands, and celebrities since she began her career professionally in 1980. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in working with so many clients has given her incredible insight on working with both national and international audiences, as well as working professionally and efficiently with clients practicing varying cultural business norms. Working at the highest level in the industry and maintaining success for over three decades showcases Melissa’s ability to adapt and prosper in an ever-changing field.

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Some of the top questions I get asked the most is, “How do I shoot an editorial? How do I create a story? How do I get published?” Last May, I held a very exclusive, 2-day workshop that turned out to be very successful. The workshop went so well, we’ve decided to put one together for you again. Day 1 will be me teaching you everything that goes into a High Fashion Magazine shoot. Day 2 will be you shooting your own Editorial for Breed Magazine. Your editorial, if selected, will be published in an upcoming issue of Breed Magazine and you will leave understanding fully how to plan, build a team, shoot an editorial, work through the selection process, retouch your images and get the story published.

I had the absolute pleasure of taking Melissa Rodwell’s workshop in 2009. That woman is a goddess! She has this incredible presence, knowledge and passion that only those who are completely in love with what they do have. I adore Melissa and think she is not only an incredible photographer, she’s also someone I admire who inspires me every day. I’m honored to have become a friend throughout the years and look very forward to watch her create even more amazing images.
— Amanda Elkins

I wanted to personally thank you and express to you what an amazing experience attending your workshop was! It was a great learning experience, but I think for me, the best part was hearing first hand what the business is like and honest feedback about my work. The incredible knowledge and experience that you have and are willing to share, is priceless. Also speaking with Tyler and getting to know him a little bit and hearing about his experiences, was of great value.
— Chuck Kovach

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