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Already have a portfolio you feel strongly about, but having a difficult time working with next level lighting?

We are now offering students the opportunity to shoot with an agency signed fashion model, complete with a team of professional hair, makeup, and styling in an intimate setting focused on achieving the perfect lighting on set. 


Class details

Melissa Rodwell will showcase six to eight (time permitted) different lighting techniques and explain each set-up while shooting and showing students why she chose the particular modifiers for each set. Every detail matters when choosing lighting modifiers, including the distance and direction of the lights in proximity to the model. Melissa will be shooting tethered, allowing students to see how she fine tunes her lighting as she explains her process. Students will also be shooting alongside Melissa and a team of working industry professionals including a signed model, a wardrobe stylist, a hair stylist and a makeup artist. Though the focus of the class is to master lighting techniques, the images can also be used for your portfolio. Hours are 10-5, and the class is limited to eight people.


Are you frustrated in trying to take your photography to the next level?

  • Do you wonder how others achieve incredible and dyamic light in their photography?
  • Do you ever feel  anxious to take on studio work because you've never worked with studio lighting?
  • Are you ready to start working with other professionals, but don't quite yet feel prepared?
  • Do you have a clear vision of how you want your photograph to look but can't get the lighting quite right? 

Breed's Master Lighting Class is the solutiOn

  • Bring your creative vision into reality without being hindered by technical limitiations. 
  • You'll learn soft boxes, large parabolics, beauty dishes, strip banks, kino-flos, diffusion vs non diffused, gridded vs non gridded, & more.
  • Set your work apart by understanding how to implement and perfect studio lighting in your photographs.
  • Be fully prepared to transition into the professional world of fashion photography by mastering light.
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gain insider knowledge from a seasoned professional

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About Melissa Rodwell

Melissa has lived and worked all over the world, shooting for companies like Nike and NBC Television, to Ralph Lauren and Harper’s Bazaar. She has worked with hundreds of clients, brands, and celebrities since she began her career professionally in 1980. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in working with so many clients has given her incredible insight on working with both national and international audiences, as well as working professionally and efficiently with clients practicing varying cultural business norms. Working at the highest level in the industry and maintaining success for over three decades showcases Melissa’s ability to adapt and prosper in an ever-changing field.

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Come join me in New York City for a day in the studio with an array of lighting and modifiers so I can show you what each one does, how it works, why it works and most importantly, how to make it work for you! I will show you first what the modifier and lighting set up does and explain why it works in a certain way and then you’ll get a chance to capture that lighting so you can learn to work with it as well! I will have my personal makeup artist, hair stylist and wardrobe stylist on hand to have our model look amazing!  It will be a full day of learning, no rest for the wicked they say, so be prepared to take a ton of notes, a bunch of iPhone photos of lighting setups and of course, a desire to learn how to use light the right way because I guarantee, you will leave with an amplified knowledge of lighting and a skill set you can take home with you to use for the rest of your life.We meet in the morning and we go over your goals, where you are on your journey, what you’d like to most learn and what fears you have of lighting. We then start learning master lighting! I will show you how I lit my Harper’s Bazaar beauty story as well as other editorials. I’ll show you the final image and then I’ll show you the exact lighting set up I used, how I placed the light, how far away I placed the light from the model and so much more! These are my tried and true secrets that I have learned and honed over much time!


Learn not only by observing, but by shooting as well

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Melissa’s workshop was without a doubt the most invaluable learning experience I have had in my career so far. Melissa’s knowledge and instruction on fashion lighting were second to none and Tyler’s retouching class was clear, precise and taught me how to retouch to a high-quality industry standard. I would recommend a workshop with Melissa and Tyler to anyone that wants to step up their game in fashion photography! I walked out of that workshop a new and improved photographer!
— Katy Winterflood
I can’t recommend this class enough. I received what I expected and some. Melissa is a patient, kind and a hilarious teacher. It was a small group so no one ever had to fight for Melissa’s attention to get their questions answered. We were taught 5 lighting setups, and every time a new one was set up we were shown the differences and explained what their different purposes were. I walked away with a better understanding of lighting, how to work with a model, and that going forward what I need to do to continue to make my work better and stronger. Melissa was also great at identifying everyone’s strength and how they could use that going forward in pursuit of their fashion photography goals.
— Katrina Britney Davis

There's  no other workshop like the master lighting class


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