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Fashion & beauty photography are inherently different in several ways, because while fashion focuses primarily on the garments worn by the models, beauty focuses on the face. Whether we are shooting beauty to sell hair products or make up products or skin care, we need to learn how to light for the face & hair so we can sell that particular product!


Just over 6 hours of information, we focus on the art, the craft and the business side of beauty photography & 3 hours of retouching tutorials that will teach you how NOT to destroy skin by using quick shortcuts. 


That’s right!  First of all, I show you very simple, one-light setups using different modifiers to create different lighting effects for the face.  You don’t need to go out and spend money on 4 lights, because we are only shooting a small portion of the frame and that is the face. I show you how you can create dramatic, powerful images using one key light and then by changing your modifiers, you can create dark, romantic looks or evenly lit, commercially accessible looks!

This portion was shot in a great studio in Downtown LA with my Los Angeles team working diligently to produce outstanding results with our IT girl, Olga. Next we fly back to NYC where I spend the day shooting with Ford Model, Carly, and I show you how PLACEMENT is key to getting beauty images that set you apart from the competition. Proper light placement is what sets apart the pros from the amateurs. You can work with the best lighting system in the world but if you don’t know where to angle your light, your work isn’t as accomplished as it could be. 

We sit down with some of NYC’s most powerful industry leaders to talk about beauty photography. Marius Troy sits with beauty photographer Joshua Pestka and discusses Joshua’s career as a top beauty photographer.

This is a 40 minute interview filled with incredibly insightful information. If your dream is to  become a top NYC beauty photographer, you won’t want to miss this interview. I also sit down with top make-up artist, Rachel Toledo and discuss how important her collaboration with a photographer is in producing memorable beauty work. You’ll learn how picky top make-up artists are when it comes to who they shoot with and how fundamentally prepared they are before they even leave their house to go to a beauty shoot! 

And if that’s not enough, we have 3 hours of retouching tutorials that will teach you how NOT to destroy skin by using quick short cuts. David Neilands takes us through the entire steps on retouching for beauty. This potion alone is worth every dime invested on this Class Download. If you take outstanding beauty photographs but your retouching is sub-par, you just basically ruined your beauty shoot. Retouching is now as important as your lighting, your casting and your directing when shooting beauty! 


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"Rodwell's got a ton of experience in the industry and her photos (and the stories behind them) are wonderful; just the sort of thing that will make you want to go out and shoot. Anyone who is up-and-coming in the business and is looking for advice and inspiration will likely get a lot out of it. Overall, Beauty Photography EXPOSED is a very well packaged, professionally produced class that will be helpful to anyone who wants to learn some beauty photography secrets from a real pro."

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"Beauty Photography Exposed is an abundance of information. It is definitely a time commitment in regard to watching it and then taking the time to apply it in the real world. This course is geared toward photographers who are very serious about starting their career as a beauty photographer. The price point is definitely more than a book on Amazon or a set of actions that you can buy without a firm grasp of what it is that they do. The information and education provided in this course are incredibly valuable. You could watch it more than once and pick up on something that you may not have caught onto previously."

The digital download includes over 3 hours of footage in 720p HD .mp4 files and the 20 page lighting diagram booklet in high-res PDF format. Available for immediate download.