All the Young Dudes Beauty Campaign by Melissa Rodwell

My first shoot for a cosmetics company called Foxes was 2 weeks ago. We shot a guitar player that I actually had just met 4 days prior to shooting him. I was at the Gold Room on Sunset Blvd and in walked Branden. He reminded me so much of my old friend, Johnny Thunders, that I knew I HAD to shoot him. On this shoot we did 2 eye shadows and one lipgloss, all glitter. Johnny Thunders, who used to wear red eye shadow on his lids, inspired Tina, the owner of Foxes, and I to reproduce that look on Branden, and I shot it as our first look. That shot is actually my favorite shot from this shoot, I think, although I’m pretty much in love with all of them. And I never say that about my work, as you should know by now.

I used a beauty dish with out a scrim with a sock over it for some diffusion. My lighting didn’t change through out the shoot. I used a wind machine but didn’t really need it. I shot further back and we cropped in tight in post. We really wanted to see the glitter. I side lit Branden, or used more of a Rembrandt style lighting. I used my Nikkor 105mm AF-DC 1.2 lens for the entire shoot.

What can I say? The old cliché, “it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta’ do it” comes to mind. 2014 has already been amazing so far! I fell in love in Paris over Christmas and came home after NYE to this gig waiting on my doorstep! Going to be a killer year, I think! 

Melissa Rodwell