Harper's Bazaar Beauty Story by Melissa Rodwell

Last Spring, Sally Matthews from Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and her dream team flew to Los Angeles from Dubai to shoot several editorials in Los Angeles. I just happened to be in LA for an extended trip so it was great luck that we would both be in LA at the same time and be able to shoot together.

The first shoot was a mono-brand fashion editorial featuring Carolina Herrera. Mono-brand just means One Brand.
So it was just one designer that was featured, in this case, it was Carolina Herrera. While we were shooting, Sally asked me if we could shoot a beauty story as well if we had time. We certainly had time, there’s always time to shoot with a great team like this!

I only had lighting for the fashion shoot since I didn’t know we were going to be shooting beauty. But hey, no worries! We used a beauty dish as the key and a nice big octabank for a little fill so it wasn’t too shadow-y. My F Stop was F9 at 1/160th and I used my favorite Nikkor 85mm 1.4 lens. I could’ve used a longer lens like the 105mm or the 135mm but we wanted to see the jewelry too and we were working in pretty tight quarters. So the 85mm worked out great for this shoot.

Kate Goodwin was our make up artist who actually lives in Dubai and flew in to LA to work on the various editorials Sally had planned. Randi Petersen with Artists by Timothy Priano was our hair stylist. I love working with both girls who are both super talented and also just real down to earth and fun to work with.

And of course, Masha Rudenko our Russian Beauty, stole the show one more time! I’ve worked with Masha at least a half dozen times. Her bright sunny spirit always brings a smile to any set she appears on. Not to mention, the girl can emote which is so important for modeling. Especially when you’re shooting tight on the face. It’s amazing to see LIFE in those eyes!!

Check out the story! I love it, was very happy with the layout and to be able to do two editorials in one day for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia! (I explain the Lighting used for this shoot in the class download: AFPL)

Now the whole world can actually see what I’ve been raving about for so long: Sally Matthews knows STYLE!!

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