The Dreamers for Beautiful Savage Magazine by Melissa Rodwell

The editor of Beautiful Savage Magazine reached out to me to ask me to shoot an editorial for the magazine. I usually try to spend my winters in LA because it’s just too damn cold in NYC but the magazine is in NYC. Schedule conflicts and other travel just made it impossible to make it to NYC to shoot for them. But it turned out to be okay, they let me shoot the story in Los Angeles! I put together a good team out in LA. Kat Lozhnikova styled the story, with Anna Branson doing makeup. Both girls are with The Rex Agency in LA. Sunnie Brook did the hair and she’s with Celestine Agency, in fact, her agent is one of my former agents, Frank Moore! 

I shot in a studio space in DTLA called Korova Studios. It’s a great space and if you’re in the LA area, you should definitely check it out and book a shoot there. He offers great rates, too! Check their website for more info and where to contact them.

I chose to utilize the bank of windows against one wall of the cyc and using the natural light as my key light. I kicked in a bit of fill with an Elinchrome Octabank. I used my Nikon D800 with my 24mm and 85mm lenses. I believe I used my 105mm too.

My exposures were normal, around F8 at 1/200th. ISO set at 200. Not much mind bending information, I know. Just giving you the stats!

The story was based on a kind of love affair between two men and a woman. Think Jules and Jim or The Dreamers, which is what this editorial is titled as. My models were all fantastic! They all hail from Wilhelmina LA. They had a great energy between them and they worked really well together. We’re all following each other on Instagram, which is rare for me. I usually only follow real friends or people that really entertain me. But that’s just it! I never laughed so hard on a shoot! The 2 guys, Wade Holter and Taylor Cowan were comedians! We had all kinds of private jokes by the time we shot our last frame! Ali Stepka is gorgeous and funny and bright! We all had a great time on this shoot. And that’s how it should be! 

Melissa Rodwell