Shooting for Dutch Magazine




I met Milan a few years ago while I was shooting in LA for a minute. I met her on a casting for various editorials I was shooting. Her lithe 5’10” body is incredible and while she wasn’t the perfect fit for my upcoming shoots, I knew I had to at the very least test with her. So that’s what I did.

I used one light source, the Profoto Beauty Dish. This time I used a silver reflector dish. I used this intentionally so that the silver reflection would pick up the highlights on her dark skin.

I asked the make up artist to keep her skin very shiny so it would work well with the silver reflection of the dish. Together with the shiny skin and the silver reflection of the dish, Milan shined! Hair was simple, I just had the hair stylist slick her hair back so we could use the various hair pieces that the stylist brought to the shoot.



The Beauty Dish was placed just camera right of Milan, casting a shadow on the backdrop. I used some antique lights in the background for atmosphere. I shot the entire shoot on a Nikon D3. Most of the time I used a 50mm lens. Some shots were with my 85mm, though. My shutter was always set at 1/250 and my F-stop was around 4.5



I brought the images back to NYC and had them retouched. I never did submit these images to a magazine but as it so happens, 2 months later while traveling through Europe, I was asked to exhibit some of my work in Amsterdam. The curator chose some of the images from this shoot and two of the images were bought by one of the biggest sushi restaurants in Amsterdam. She now hangs proudly in a hip restaurant in that fabulous city!

And then oddly enough, a Dutch magazine asked if they could run the images of her in an editorial. So Milan found a home in Holland, for sure!

The full set (click to enlarge):

Melissa Rodwell