Breed BTS: Melissa Rodwell Shooting for Deux Hommes Magazine

This past summer in NYC was a busy time for me. I shot over 10 editorials for various magazines, one of them being for Deux Hommes. I was approached by stylist Newheart Ohanian who was assigned a menswear shoot by the magazine. Newheart really liked a story I had shot for Jimon Magazine a few years ago, a very strong black and white men’s story with a rock and roll twist. We put together a mood board and she sent it to the editors to approve. Once it was a go I sent out for models packages to a handful of agencies here and we settled on Hektor Wedin from New York Models. I was very pleased with this choice as I had been following Hektor on Instagram for awhile and he was high on my list of male models I wanted to shoot. I can pretty much admit that my biggest inspiration for this shoot was the fact that I was going to be able to work with him.

The clothing wasn’t so much rock and roll but I lit the set like I did for my previous Jimon shoot with just one beauty dish as a key light and a big giant softbox behind me just to give it a bit of fill and not have it look too one dimensional. I share a studio in Brooklyn with photographer Alexander Saladrigas. He lent me his Canon 5D Mark III and his 24-70mm 2.8 lenses. As you all probably know by now I’m not a huge Canon fan but I did enjoy working with this camera on this shoot. And the lens was pretty sweet as well.

The team was great, Damian Monzillo did the hair and Cheyenne Timperio did the makeup. As you can see by the behind the scenes video she used an air brush gun to apply the foundation which really smoothed the skin. It’s a great technique that I have seen makeup artists use. My 1st assistant Coby Mendoza was a great help and support for the day. He’s also a talented photographer and one to watch. His Instagram is @cobymendoza.

Pratik Naik retouched this story for me. I wanted it to be very clean, crisp and I wanted the black and white to have really strong contrast. He did an exceptional job. Pratik and Alexander will be teaching a class here in NYC in a few weeks. You should definitely sign up, they are a dynamic duo of talent and skill. I’ve grown to really admire both of their work and professionalism. I can safely say that Alexander is on his way to becoming a star shooter and Pratik is already world famous for his retouching. I might add he’s as charming as he is talented. : )

We shot 8 pages in the morning between 10 AM and 1 PM and then we began a second shoot that day for my own magazine SAINT. We will be launching SAINT November 1st ( All Saints Day ) and you can follow us on instagram for all our exciting updates!

I shoot fast so we got all done in 3 hours. After the images were chosen and the finals were sent to the magazine they decided that they didn’t like the eyeliner so Pratik revised the images and took out the eyeliner. The images posted here are the ones with the eyeliner. But the images on Deux Hommes’ site are the final images they chose. To see the story online you can check it out on their website here.

Melissa Rodwell