Photographer and Retoucher Angelo Raygun

In this episode of Breed Chats we are accompanied by our very own Retouching mentor Angelo Raygun. Interviewed by Dana Pennington, Angelo reveals the details of his Retouching Essentials Class, how he got his start as a fashion photographer in recent years after leaving a career in post production and television, and so much more. See full class outline at the bottom of this article.

Some of Angelo’s work:

Topics Covered in Angelo Raygun’s Retouching Essentials Class

I. Setting up your workspace and tool palettes within Photoshop

II. Evaluating the image and determining the goals of the retouch

III. Using Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom to set up your image foundation

1. Global Color Correction at the input stage

2. Input sharpening Do’s and Don’ts

IV. Exporting to Photoshop

V. Review of Hue, Saturation, and Luminance and how they affect your images

VI. Identifying Specific Problems

1. Understanding what attracts the eye

VII. Subtly shaping clothes and figures with the liquify tool

VIII. Dealing with blemishes

IX. Eliminating Stray Hairs

X. Dodging and Burning

1. Global dodging and burning to add depth and focus

2. Local dodge and burning for skin and hair

XI. Enhancing and Refining Clothing Texture and Shape

XII. Enhancing Colors within the photo

XIII. Color Grading

XIV. Sharpening

XV. Final Output

Examples of Angelo Raygun’s retouching:

Dana Pennington