Retoucher Pratik Naik

Retouching is a craft often shrouded in secrecy. Even more so than fashion photography is, in my opinion. Finding a good retoucher can be a daunting task, and becoming a good retoucher can be even more daunting. Pratik Naik of Solstice Retouch is one such rarity.

Pratik and I have chatted on many occasions and the first thing you will notice about him is that he is, perhaps, the most friendly and personable guy you’ll ever meet. And then you look at his work and it becomes immediately apparent that he definitely knows his stuff. Pratik was nice enough to catch up with me via Skype to talk about his background, retouching in general, and what it’s like to work with retouchers.

Here is just a small sampling of his work with our good friend Alexander Saladrigas:

To see more of his work follow Pratik Naik on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Dana Pennington