Fashion Photography Exposed

Within the photo world, fashion photography is one of the most sought-after careers, and it’s easy to see why. It can be limitlessly lucrative, glamorous and high profile – making it an extremely competitive branch of the business to break into. Without the know-how to properly shoot fashion photos and the savvy to market yourself, it can be nearly impossible to get established.






The product includes an in-depth view on the business of fashion photography as well as taking you through all the steps of shooting both on location and in studio. Lighting setups are shown with 3D animations as well as a full booklet with all setups included, a Q&A with a magazine editor, a Q&A with a model agency booker, and then of course an incredibly honest Q&A with Melissa Rodwell




"Rodwell's got a ton of experience in the industry and her photos (and the stories behind them) are wonderful; just the sort of thing that will make you want to go out and shoot. Anyone who is up-and-coming in the business and is looking for advice and inspiration will likely get a lot out of it. Overall, Fashion Photography Exposed is a very well packaged, professionally produced DVD that will be helpful to anyone who wants to learn some fashion photography secrets from a real pro."

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"Seeing how she lights, shoots and interacts with her models on each set makes this DVD invaluable to anyone that is serious about a career in Fashion Photography. You not only get to watch Melissa on 4 different shoots, she also spends plenty of time walking you through some of the images in her body of work, talking about business and giving advice to new photographers."

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The digital download includes over 3 hours of footage in 720p HD .mp4 files and the 20 page lighting diagram booklet in high-res PDF format. Available for immediate download.