Case Logic DSLR & iPad Messenger Bag

After a recent conversation with the people at Case Logic, they sent me one of their camera bags to review on Breed. I have to say, it’s a pretty amazing bag. I normally use Pelican cases for my DSLR gear. They’re strong, sturdy, reliable and I can check them on to a plane flight which I don’t normally like to do, but after having to do so last summer when I was flying in between countries in Europe, I HAD to check my camera case. I was really happy with the results: nothing shifted, moved or the best news, broke during my flights. 

But the Pelican case is cumbersome. And there are times when I’m taking a short trip and I don’t want to lug around that big case. That’s where the Case Logic DSLR +iPad Messenger bag will come in handy.


Small enough and light enough to carry on board with me, the case is actually quite sturdy for its size. Which means, I would feel comfortable traveling with my beloved Nikon gear packed snugly in this case.

You can customize your storage, adding up to 4 lenses or flash and accessories by adjusting the foam walls and divides on the inside of the bag. You can choose to forego the Velcro fasteners if sound is an issue and modify the closure to a silent one. This particular easy to use, top loading case, allows you to access your gear in a more proficient way, keeping the bag open so you can work out-of station. I love that about it. I’m really not a fan of the side opening or “back-pack” style camera cases.


This black, ripstop nylon bag is super modern and functional while keeping us all looking hip. It even has a super thick padded back panel so you’re comfortable carrying it around.

Retailing for $79.99 it’s a great choice for a camera bag. Again, I would use it on short trips or on a job where maybe I wasn’t using all of my Nikon DSLR gear, like a shoot where I’m shooting with another camera system, but wanted to take my Nikon along any way. Or I would use it along with my Pelican case and store extra lenses and accessories.

And….the coolest part….it’s got a side slot to store your iPad! Love that part of it.

Melissa Rodwell