How To Get Inspired

If you have a circus running 24/7 in your mind like I do, sometimes it can be tough to get inspired. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro like myself, sometimes you just get stuck in a rut. It’s true that I’m usually not short on ideas, but it can take some time for me to get from Point A to Point B. In other words, though I might have a fantastic idea, it might take me awhile to get off my ass and execute it. Here’s 5 little tips that either I’ve tried or other photographer friends of mine have tried to get you out of that slump and started shooting!


Use Your DSLR

Stop with the damn iPhone and take your DSLR out with you! Since our phones have started to come equipped with super amazing cameras, we’ve stopped taking our professional cameras out with us. Quit it! Go get your pro camera, put a wide angle lens on it, and put in your Manhattan bag! Start carrying the thing around and just shoot. Who cares if it’s “good” or not?? What this exercise does is start you “seeing” again. You start noticing things that inspire you, in some way. Maybe it’s visually beautiful and you want to capture it. Or maybe something reminds you of something sad but powerful and you want to capture that! Who cares, just start shooting again.


Look at Photography

Yeah, go ahead and stalk photography sites. I’m guilty of it too, lately. I’ve had a Tumblr site forever but never went on it. I put my fashion photography work on it and there it sat. Then, for some odd reason, I forgot I had that account and started a new one. I began cruising the site and following different people. Pretty soon I had hundreds of pictures on my Tumblr and I was on it like an addict. I call Tumblr my personal Vision Board. You know, everything I want my life to look like. Yes, I’m pretty complicated.



This is probably one of my biggest inspirations. I choose music that either matches or contrasts the mood I’m in and I let it take me on a visual trip. I have iTunes, Spotify, Stereomood, & Soundcloud. I love Stereomood because you can put in what kind of mood you’re in (or want to be in) and it will find music that matches. Genius!


Get Out

I mean it, just go. Sometimes we need to get away. Turn off the phone, tell your friends/wife/dog – whoever is in your life that might worry – that you need a minute. Get in the car, or rent a car, and leave. Maybe you don’t have a destination in mind. Or maybe there’s a place two hours away you’ve always wanted to check out but always had an excuse why you couldn’t. Well, forget the excuses! I do this one all the time. I am the world’s greatest escape artist. I’ll just take off and go surfing. Not tell anyone. Maybe not always a good thing but it certainly has kept me abundant with fresh ideas and inspiration.


People Matter

Surround yourself with other like-minded individuals. If there’s a local photography club, join it. Think of the other members as peers, not competitors. And it’s great to bounce ideas, vent frustrations, and argue about gear with people who are just as passionate as you are. And sites like this one, BREED, are a great idea to add as a part of the collective consciousness of your dream! Hey, you’ve heard the saying, “what we can’t do alone, we do together”. But you need to surround yourself with people who are on your same path who have goals like yours, for there is nothing like people who understand how hard this can be. Like the “other” saying goes: “There’s no strength in numbers, there’s strength in loyalty. Know your circle”.

Melissa Rodwell