5 Important Tips on Branding Yourself

Sometimes photographers tend to forget how important their branding is. We get so caught up in shooting amazing images and putting together a portfolio that will get us the kind of work we want to do that by the time we’re ready to really start pushing ourselves and market ourselves, we overlook the importance of branding. Or perhaps, we’re just so excited that we’re finally in that place to start getting our work out there that we just throw up a cheap website and start pushing it on all the social media platforms. However, that can have some debilitating results. We all have heard about how important a first impression is. That old saying, “First impressions last” is true, still, in the here and now.

1. Hire a good graphic designer. We’re photographers, and I know we are really creative, but we can’t do it all. Hire a professional graphic designer who specializes in logos and graphics. This is your career, it’s your livelihood, invest in it!

2. Make your brand reflect who you are and what you shoot. For example, I’m heavily influenced by music and art. My lifestyle reflects this, so does my work. I tend to shoot edgy, dark, romantic imagery. So I would never use a feminine, flowery font or graphics to brand myself. You will never see the color pink near my identity. Make sense?

3. If you don’t want to go with a logo, per se, which I didn’t really want to do, make sure your graphic designer spends time discovering the font that represents your identity. It’s fine to go with just your name as your logo but the font that you use will depict your identity.

4. Once you have your logo or your font, use it on everything: websites, business cards, promo cards, invoices, envelopes, letterhead and front page of your print portfolio, if you use one. You want your brand to be recognizable in the industry.

5. Consistency and regularity are key to marketing yourself. The Rule of 7 is that it takes 7 times of seeing your identity or brand for someone to remember you.

Make sure you hire a really good graphic designer and stay connected with them during the process. Tell them who you are, explain what you like to shoot, give them as much information about your identity as you can so they can provide some solid options for you to choose from.

Melissa Rodwell