Links That Will Boost Your Inspiration

I am frequently asked what websites I cruise when looking for inspiration. The truth is, I don’t really use the internet for inspiration. But that’s not to say that there aren’t some great sites out there and I’ve gone through a bunch of them for you. I’ve sifted through a lot of the editorial sites, those sites that show you what’s currently running in the magazines and I’ve compiled a list of the ones I think are the best. I’ve also added in a few sites that are great for just overall inspiration. I think it’s really important to keep yourself updated on who’s shooting what and this list is the crème de la crème of that. So not only is this list for visual inspiration, it’s also for keeping yourself educated. Also, if you have a website that you find really inspirational or even educational, please let us all know about it by leaving a comment below. We can all use more inspiration in our lives!

Fashion Editorails

A mix between exclusive editorials for their site and high end editorials for well established fashion magazines, delivers new, fresh imagery to feast your eyes upon. You’ll discover new talent as well as stay informed on who’s shooting what.


Whoever is curating Calikartel I must applaud them for their exquisite eye. Stories that run in some of the world’s most popular fashion magazines grace this website. I’m a little hurt, they’ve never run any of my stories. But, I always give credit where credit is due.

Fashion Gone Rouge

Fashion Gone Rogue features the latest in fashion editorials and news. They really, truly run the crème de la crème of fashion editorials. Good place to go to keep updated and inspired.

The Fashionisto

The Fashionisto displays the most current men’s fashion editorials, ad campaigns and inside information on the world of male models.

The Fashionography

Editorials, campaigns, videos, models, covers, men…’s all here, the latest and greatest all on The Fashionography.


Nowness is so cool that I don’t even know if I’m cool enough to be on here. But with guest writers like Chloe Sevigny, you’re promised a very interesting and super hip viewing experience. Check it out.

This Place Journal

This Place Journal is a travel diary. It’s a beautiful site and you can get lost for an hour watching the movie they did of the Oregon coast and looking at the pictures from the road trip. Travel sites are a great place to get inspired. Travel photographers shoot some amazing pictures!

Jean Stories

Jean Stories is just that: Stories about Jeans. But the pictures are really awesome and I get lost on this site going through their images.

the ones 2 watch

The O2W displays up to date editorials shot by photographers who they think are on their way to the top using models who they think are on their way to the top. I guess it’s always good to check out who’s on their way to the top!

Violet Grey

Violet Grey is an excellent site for makeup artists. And I think it’s an excellent idea for a fashion photographer to understand makeup. So go check them out. They’re way cool.

Hunger TV

Everything hip, young, fashionable and just outta’ sight, baby, can be found on HungerTV. It’s a little too busy for my taste but I’ve seen a lot of imagery in the past 35 years. I don’t need to be screamed at. Doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a good place for you guys to check out though

Melissa Rodwell