BTS for Breed Master Class: Shooting Fashion on Location

Breed is happy to announce the next in a series of Master Class downloads entitled Shooting Fashion on Location. Dana Pennington and myself shot in five different locations around NYC to show you how we trouble shoot each location and use various kinds of lighting to capture the best possible images for each location. We started on Day One with me shooting on a rooftop in Brooklyn. I love shooting on rooftops! The architecture and space gives me a great backdrop to create some really interesting imagery, especially if I use a wider lens.

The first shot on the roof with model Ya from Fenton was her dressed in a full length fringed black dress. Ya has very dark skin herself but I wanted this “assignment” to be somewhat problematic in order to show the viewers that tough situations can be conquered and beautiful results can happen. I decided to shoot her against a hip-level wall with the skyline behind her. We shot at my studio in Brooklyn so we were able to get her ready with hair, make up and styling inside the studio and then take the shoot up to the roof. That made things way easier because we had a base camp with air conditioning. This was shot in late June and it was really hot! The humidity was up there along with the temperature and it was so hot that even I felt faint. Remember to keep plenty of water around when you’re shooting outside on a hot day.

We used a Westcott Scrim Jim to scrim off the direct sun but the sun was my key source of light. And there was plenty of it! I wanted something very posed and regal, especially given the dress Ya was wearing.

The sun was bright. The temperature was nearing 100 degrees. We had a full team on board. But we kept the team cooled off in the studio in between looks, we were well prepared for each shot so by the time we were all up on the rooftop I shot each look in very little time and we kept plenty of water and snacks around so people stayed hydrated and their enemy stayed high.

All of our specs and our explanations on each shoot will be discussed much further in depth in our Shooting Fashion on Location Master Class. Download your copy now.

Melissa Rodwell