Night Street Glare - The Story of The Inspiration Before The Fashion Shoot!

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The middle of the night, the place where you dance with your soul.

You think that in everybody, in their own life, there is a time, the time to feel the night. Sometimes, but only sometimes, that feeling is something magical, something special. Lights, shadows, and dreams are mixed together in one perfect single moment. And the night lights call you to be brave, to fight conventions, to challenge rules. All these voices tell you that nothing can beat you, all your dreams are there, you can simply take them, in your hands, because they are yours and of no one else’s. Also when you were a boy, you rode the night searching your own destiny, the right way to be yourself. Nights taught you, showed you the light in the dark of your soul, because there isn't light without shadow, because the real you dances in the darkness, where everything is perfect, where the beauty is pure. This is your way to feel fashion.

Choices in a Pulp Fiction Bar

When Sara, a young Italian fashion designer, called you for this work, you didn't know to expect. You know her, but not very well, for a couple of years, she’s a friend of a friend, but she is so young, you think, too young to create something original, you think, “she doesn’t have much experience in the fashion world”.

You met her one evening, after dinner, over a black German beer, in a real pulp fiction style pub, a place that you love, a place where you often go to relax and to search for inspiration, a place where there is the perfect mix, music, jazz and fusion usually, or old style grunge sometimes, black red and white colors on the walls and furniture, the right place to talk about a new fashion photography project!

Sara shows you her experimental dresses, she turned on LED lights, she started to describe with passion, her eyes shining! She has created something special, something bonded with your soul, you know that, you recognized it in the same instant you saw her creations. Immediately you knew that street lights, underground parking lights, elevator lights, all inside the transparent tissues and the mix with LED lights present in High-Tec materials of dresses could harmonize with dark and shadows of late night. That night that you love so much.

NightStreetGlare fashion project, alchemy and inspiration

Now you must decide the right place to shoot, the perfect model and the right make up. Locations and makeup style, you have some ideas, for the second one you call Mary, she is perfect you think, you have a good feeling with her and you know she expresses herself very well. You think that a good fashion work is like alchemy, and a photographer is the alchemist who mixed the right ingredients. The right dresses, the right model, the choice of make up and props eventually, the perfect mood and last but not least, the primary: the teamwork.

The visual shooting concept is played with studied lights and we take free inspiration from "Blade Runner" of Ridley Scott, a director who you adore. In some shoots the synthetic "doll" idea is deliberately recalled. Main lights are closed and tight to some body parts, secondary and colored lights are used, orange in the dress with skirt, first sequence, and yellow for others. Purple Blouse material you think is wonderful, almost electric feeling, with reflexes and transparencies, a defiance and a real struggle in every new lights configuration to have the right visual return, you have loved it!!

Photographer: Luca Veronesi
Designer/Stylist: Sara Zagni
Model: Mary Noise
Make up artist: Giulia Bianchi
Lights Assistant 1: Andrea Cavalleretti
Lights Assistant 2: Silvie AliceSoul Lupi
Lights Assistant 3: The City

Luca Veronesi lives and works in Italy. His website:

To see more of Luca’s work go to his Instagram: @ianphotographer and his Facebook Page:

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