In Paris Blondes Definitely Have More Fun!! Or How Photographer Babeth Dupuy Got her Mojo Back!

Parisian photographer, Babeth Dupuy, picks up her camera after a short break and finds inspiration from an American blonde model who reached out to her on Instagram! Read her story and check out the images below!


I was SO happy to have done this fashion shoot! I haven't shot a fashion story in a few months now due to some personal matters, one of which I had to sell my flat in Paris where I used to do my studio shoots and I moved to another flat I have just outside of Paris. Since moving I haven’t felt the “fashion-vibe” or energy. I also thought that it would be more difficult for people to travel to the new apartment. I also didn’t think that my flat has an artistic fashion vibe … Feng shui?….Who knows …


Lately I have been more interested in working on restoring family photographs and vintage cameras, playing with Minox and Rolleiflex cameras, so at least to keep me shooting and keep doing what is a part of me, which is PHOTOGRAPHY! But I was missing my fashion shoot energy! During the last week of June, I opened up a message on Instagram from a model named Natasha from Arizona. She was coming to Paris for a few days and wanted to shoot with me! I was still missing shooting fashion stories and who knew it was just hiding in the corner like a lion, waiting for someone to give me that kick and say, “Hey girl! Wake up!” When I looked at Natasha's instagram and discovered her face I was thinking … “Oh my God!!! I can't say no this face, this long hair, these eyebrows”….. she is like my dream girl, my dream model … since I've started shooting fashion, long hair has always haunted me!! And eyebrows are so important on a face, I've always thought this!

So how could I say no to a fashion shoot I was already building in my mind, to this incredible girl who is a mix of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, Cara Delevingne and Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones??? Impossible!!! "Let’s go, I'm in!!!"

I saw the message on the 25th in the evening and she was leaving on the 28th!!! I wrote her back and we decided to shoot on the 27th….I had one day to prepare everything!

My fashion energy was boiling in my head, thinking what great pieces I already have and what I would have to buy, thinking I need to have 6 looks because I always have in the back of my mind Melissa’s advice that we should always have at least 6 different fashion looks when we shoot an editorial. I have learned so much from Breed, among other many things !!!! Any way, 2 hours later I sent her a mood board on Pinterest with poses, styling, attitude, and make up….I always do this … to show the model how I see her and what I know I can do with her! She loved it so that got me thinking, “Let's go for it! It’s gonna’ be Wild!!!

I tried to contact 2 makeup artists but I didn’t find one available. This is something I kinda' struggle with, building a team! But hey, I can improvised a shoot in 24 hours with just me and the model so 2 can be a great team!!!! And I have my special make up tricks, I always have red lipstick and lipgloss and a few cool eyeshadows and highlighting products to catch the light. Hey if anyone is reading this who lives in or near Paris.…I am looking for stylists and makeup artists to do great collaborations!!!! Please get in touch with me!

Even if I thought my new flat wasn’t as interesting to shoot in as my last, I found great spots and decided to explore each area. I was ready to make my model jump every where and we did it!!! On the sofa, on the kitchen table, in the bathroom, on my parents vintage cupboard and it all was so cool !!!!! Even my wood floor under the studio lights became wild with feline furs tones! We played with the lights and thanks to the heat wave in Paris this day, my fan was on all day long!!! Adding to Natasha amazing blond hair a true rock roll Studio 54 vibes, where Jerry Hall and Brooke Shields were dancing with Andy Warhol ….And now you have the results! I hope you enjoy my work!!!

Melissa Rodwell