Past Workshop Student Jami Davis Shares New Work!

I’ve known Jami Davis for awhile now, she came to a workshop of ours a few years ago! She recently emailed me to show me some of her recent work and I thought it was so good that I asked her if I could share it with our other Breed Members! It shows how hard work and sticking to your dreams and goals pays off! Check out her recent shoot! Enjoy!

I have known the model in this shoot for years, so when she approached me to shoot a test, I knew I wanted to do something different. I wanted it to look like we were on an island or in some other tropical setting, and being in Seattle, it was a challenge! As luck would have it the weather that day was cloudy, but the locations I had scouted ahead of time were perfect for adding that pop of color that we needed. Even though I frequently travel to LA, I live in Seattle so I have learned to make the best of it. I have clients tell me all the time that they don’t want shoots to look like Seattle, so as a photographer knowing the right locations for each job is imperative. - Jami Davis

Photographer, Art Direction & Styling: Jami Davis

Model: Marshay M with TCM

Video: Brett R


Melissa Rodwell