Comprehensive Guide to modeling 



"Photographers, I will share with you all the tools and tricks I have learned over my 35+ years as a Fashion Photographer, working with literally thousands of models. You will learn the the inner workings of the modeling industry, how to avoid pitfalls, and master the skill of working with models. Let’s face it, working with models can be expensive. Armed with this knowledge, you get the most out of your investment, get better photos, and sound like an expert when communicating posing techniques. This master class will take your Fashion Photography to the next level."

From Melissa Rodwell



For many young people, the modeling industry promises a fast-paced lifestyle with travel to exotic countries and mingling with the “cool crowd.” Yet behind the glitz and glamour, modeling is a serious business. There is a darker side to the industry as aspiring models should be aware of before jumping in. I’ve brought on international model, Ali Stepka to help me break down all the key points to the modeling universe. Ali, who is currently signed with WilhelminaModels in Los Angeles, has over a decade of experience modeling in all the major markets around the world. Whether you are interested in becoming a model or learning how to work with them as a photographer (e.g. how to get the right pose, getting models to emote) this master class has it all!