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A powerful portfolio unlocks infinite POSSIBILITIES

With workshops now located in the heart of New York City, Breed's Portfolio Building Day is a great way for emerging and serious fashion photographers to build their portfolios with a team of like-minded individuals.


Photo by Gabriel Montagnani

Photo by Gabriel Montagnani

Photo by Gabriel Montagnani

Starting out as a fashion photographer means working with models, stylists, hair and makeup artists who are starting out, too. Our Portfolio Building Day classes are geared towards shaping an environment of collaborative professionalism catered towards serious artists who are looking to build their books and progress in their careers. Portfolio Building Day is a great way to network with others who share the same dreams, goals, passions and work ethic that you do. Photographers come from all over the country (and world) to take advantage of the opportunities that Breed's Portfolio Building Day includes.


What's Provided:

Chic midtown manhattan studio

2 Agency Signed Models

Hair Stylist

Makeup Artist

Fashion Stylist

2 Lighting Set ups


Check out a student-submitted video below:


Past Artists


Rachel Toledo

Rachel Toledo, Makeup Artist

Rachel Toledo, Makeup Artist

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Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 5.51.53 PM.png

Bibb Styles

Bibb Styles,  Stylist / Hair Stylist

Past talent

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Studio Information

Highlight Studios located at 36 E 30th in Midtown Manhattan

Highlight Studios located at 36 E 30th in Midtown Manhattan

BREED has partnered with Highlight Studios - a beautiful north-light studio located in the heart of midtown Manhattan. When you arrive to your Portfolio Building Day, you will have the space and time to work creatively with the model, stylist, and beauty team to achieve the look you want. You can photograph these looks at full length or crop in close for beauty shots that emphasize the styled jewelry / hats. With years of industry experience, you're in good hands with our team.

Highlight Studios, Studio A

Highlight Studios, Studio A


Upcoming workshops: