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Beauty and Fashion Retouching

With Tyler Mitchell


Beauty & Fashion retouching class

  Join Tyler Mitchell as he overs hours of in depth Beauty & Fashion retouching techniques, his work flow and examples of Melissa Rodwell’s work that he’s retouched.


In this 4 part detailed retouching class we will dive in deep on specific portions of the workflow, tools, and techniques. Some of the areas we’ll cover in-depth include RAW conversion/processing, retouching skin with dodge and burn as well as some other techniques, retouching for clothing and jewelry, and much more! Just as in photography itself, post production should be a constant learning experience. Tyler will be sharing all of this with you so that you can build your workflow and style around what works for you and your images, and end up with an excellent finished product.


PART ONE: Retouching Workflow

An overview of the retouching process. Layers, what to do when, which tools rule.



Processing, Liquify, Healing and Cloning

The first steps on any image, processing your RAW files and general cleanup and shaping.


PART THREE: Skin! Dodge and Burn and Frequency Seperation

Skin is one of the most important and most difficult areas to get right. This week we go over a couple of popular techniques for getting that perfect skin, and their pros and cons.



Details and Final Touches

Learn some tips and tricks for bringing out the details in your image, and how to work on eyes, jewelry, and more, exporting your final image for print or web.