One thing that our team has continually noticed here at Breed is a lack of industry-standard retouching in many emerging fashion photographers work. I have been particularly perplexed since starting BREED Magazine by how many good submissions come into my inbox that have been retouched so poorly that it really diminishes the otherwise really great work. For this reason, my team and I have put our heads together and have initiated a retouching services division within Breed Networks!


This is how it will work: 



Send us your low res jpegs with a brief description on what you would like us to do. For example: clean up the skin, remove wrinkles on clothing, correct white balance, add a warm tone, etc. 



We will send you back an estimate on what the job will cost. We charge on a per image basis, not hourly. 




Once you have approved the rate, we'll ask that you send us the first half of the payment along with a WeTransfer of your RAW images. 



When we recieve your half-payment and RAW images, Tyler Mitchell, our head of Retouching Services, will contact you with any questions that our team may have about your images. From there, one of our talented retouching artists will begin to work on your images.




The rate that we initially quote you includes one round of revisions should you need it. If there more than one round of requested revisions, Tyler will quote you for the extra rate. 



Once the images are approved and ready to be sent back, we will ask for the remaining retouching fees and will send them to you once we confirm that your payment has been recieved.



Tyler Mitchell, our head of Breed Retouching Services, has been my personal retoucher since 2009. Tyler learned how to dodge and burn and develop RAWs the right way, in other words, the way to handle images professionally without destroying pixels. Tyler heads a staff of about 5 other retouch artists who have unique strengths. He will delegate the job depending on what exactly you are looking for.

All photos seen above are retouched by Tyler Mitchell


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Email us at 


We look forward to helping you take your images to a more professional, polished level.