10 Questions with Fashion Stylist Chris Pearson

I recently worked with Chris Pearson on an editorial and I was very impressed with how hard working and obsessed with detail he was. He’s definitely one of the “ones to watch” as his career is really soaring at the moment. It was hard in the beginning, though, so read on as Breed asks him our 10 Questions for a Fashion Stylist!

1. How old were you when you became obsessed with wardrobe design?

To be honest, I know this sounds cliché, but I was born into a family that was always very conscious about fashion and style. Back in Jamaica (where my family is from), my grandmother made clothing, was always fashionable, and my mother designed clothes for locals in her childhood. It was only right that I ended up working in the fashion industry.

2. When did you decide “okay, this is it, I’m going to be a professional wardrobe stylist?” Who were some of your mentors or inspirations when you got started?

I finalized my decision to become a wardrobe stylist after completing 2 years of undergrad, Majoring in Biology. I was on my way to finishing that course, but a sequence of events literally pushed me to leave university and rethink this decision. I realized that this was what my family wanted for me… and not what I wanted for myself! I took a break from school, moved back home, and thought about what I really wanted to do with my life. While at home, I saw a tv show that featured black stylists in the industry. This was the first time I was exposed to a group of individuals, who looked like me, making a living off of the one thing (style) that I always had an interest in. The only person I was sort of familiar with at that time was Edward Enninful. My inspiration was and still is my mother. She worked hard for what she wanted/needed, instilled that quality in me and always believed in me even when she didn’t understand my vision.

3. What were the early days of your career like? Did you have to test a lot at the beginning to build your book?

The early stages were very tough! I didn’t know anything about styling when I moved to New York. I had no connections, knew of no showrooms, or about the process of it all; But I did know what I wanted to do. “The universe will support and say YES to whatever you think and believe.” So, I believed I was a stylist and the support came after.

Testing is kind of an ongoing thing, but it was more frequent in the beginning. I’ll still test if I have free time or if I want to bring a vision to life, but it has to make sense for me. Plus, constantly updating your book/website and social media pages with new work won’t hurt.

4. Looking back, is there anything you would do differently on your journey as a stylist? Any decisions you made when you were younger you would not make today, knowing what you have learned so far?

Looking back, I know that every decision (good or bad) led me to where I am today and that there is a reason and process for everything. I wouldn’t change a thing.

5. How do you communicate with the photographer you’re working with on a shoot to achieve his or her goals?

Communication is very important with the photographer to achieve his or her goals. But, I feel like every shoot should be a collaborative effort, with open communication all around, achieving the goals of all artists involved.

6. What skills did you learn early on that you still use today?

Early on, I learned how to build a “tough skin” and to not take things too personally in this industry and in life period.

7. Tell us what a dream job is for you?

My dream job is a “job” that doesn’t ever feel like a job. I am a firm believer that your “job” should be more of a lifestyle and not something you dread every day. I believe everyone should find that “thing” they love to do and create their own job, incorporating that “thing” into their lifestyle.

8. What are the three tools in your wardrobe kit that you can never, ever be without?

Safety Pins/Clips, a Portable Steamer, and a Lint Roller.

9. What advice for young wardrobe stylists who are just starting out and want to be where you are, at the top of the industry?

I would say to “ Just Keep Going & Believe in yourself/talent”… The journey will be tough sometimes and there will be obstacles but I’ve learned that these two things never, ever last.

10. What is your favorite quote?

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams; Live the life you have imagined” – Henry David Thoreau

Melissa Rodwell