Retouching Basics: Cleaning The Skin

WhiteBeauty 73 1-Edit.jpg

Retouching has been around since the first days of photography, and although the way we retouch now has evolved considerably and still continues to, one thing remains the same and that is you need to have a firm grasp on the basics and how to apply them to really bring your work alive. In this series of Retouching Basics I will teach you the fundamentals to achieving the best results in Photoshop regardless of what project you are working on.

Although we are working with the basics, these are still the best tools to retouch with and the highest of the high-end retouchers are all using the basic tools with amazing results you see everyday walking down the high street in shop windows to the magazines delivered to your door.

In this first tutorial video we are going to explore working on the skin with a purpose.

David Neilands