Member Showcase: Babeth Dupuy

I first became aware of Babeth Dupuy through a Facebook message. I was in Zurich, Switzerland, on a photo assignment and she sent me a message about a rock 'n' roll club that I would probably find really cool. While I didn't get a chance to check out the club, I did start checking out Babeth's work. We began a small correspondence, just chatting back and forth once in awhile. That was in 2015. Fast forward a few years and Babeth chat more frequently and she's been in two issues of Breed Magazine as well! What I admire about Babeth is her absolute passion and her determination to learn and grow as an emerging fashion photographer! I sent Babeth 10 questions and she wrote a short bio about herself. 

This will become a regular feature on Breed now! I will feature one member a month, choosing randomly. However, if you would like to be featured, please email us at so we can take a look at your website! Let us know who YOU are!! We want to know our members! 

Read on about this incredibly spirited and beautiful woman! 

My name is Babeth Dupuy and I was born in 1963 in Bordeaux in the south of France, I am a Generation X girl!!! I'm a self-taught Portrait & Fashion Photographer. I've studied English, Spanish, languages baccalaureate + tourism hostess school.  I've traveled a lot, mostly in South America, and Kenya until my 30’s, then I worked for Air France. I have been holding a camera in my hands since the age of 7. The first time I stepped into a black and white lab was when I was 4 years old. It was at L' Agence France Presse Bordeaux with my dad who was a reporter journalist. I'm guessing this is where my passion for the magic of photography and the color red began … and it became for sure the indestructible link with my dad, who I lost when I was only 11 years old. 

In 1993 I trained at Sud Ouest, a daily newspaper and black and white lab where I got the chance to work on the Lacanau Pro Surf Contest, making portraits of  Kelly Slater and all the team!  What an experience!!! I remember the first day I stepped into the lab.... the smell of the products bring back memories as if I was still only 4 years old with my dad, 26 years ago ...  

I never knew I was an artist until a friend told me so in 2012 and encouraged me to gain confidence. He told me,  "You have 3 months to do something with your art" … so I did Les Inrocks contest! 

I built my website in 2013, deciding to share my work and offer my skills to those interested in my vision and what I had to offer, and then in 2015 I got into studio photography and discovered the way to fashion photography. This was in  March 2017

I’m a "baby" in the industry still, but I am a passionate fashion photographer, growing, improving, always learning, thanks to the support and precious advice of Melissa Rodwell and Breed! 

1. How old were you when you became interested in fashion photography? What was the inspiration behind it? Did you see a photographer’s work, or what got you interested in it in the first place? 

Fashion photography for me is new!!! I never thought I could be a fashion photographer!  I’ve always loved fashion since my childhood, I believe. My first approach to it was when my favorite perfume Opium Yves Saint Laurent came out.  I was about 12 in 1977, and I became hypnotized with the ads, showing Jerry Hall, in luxurious fabric clothing, so OPIUM became my perfume … not all day long but on occasions than Rive Gauche … and yes I still have a thing for Saint Laurent … 

But no fashion photography planned in my mind, even if I had a camera in my hand since I’m 7 my dad bought me a small 6X6 format for a school trip to Venice … and then after nearly every Christmas, I had The latest Kodak Instamatic that was on the market … and then at 18 I bought my first Nikon + 70/210 lens and I've used it for portraits, architecture, and a few years of traveling, especially in South America

In 2013,  I decided I was going to share my work and try to have clients but in natural light outdoor, interesting in portraits of them selves through my eyes, the way I would see them , I called my style Dandy Rock Chic shooting, as my visuals I believe have always been influenced by the late 70’s and 80’s photographers such as Guy Bourdin, Helmut Newton,  Bettina Rheims,  Annie Leibovitz ,  but as well music Blondie, David Bowie,  Kim Wilde, The Pretenders, Joy Division  …  and films like Blade Runner, and The Hunger. Then I decided I was going to try to learn studio light, so I bought my self a multiblitz Kit, and while I was searching lightning classes on youtube, ( I’m a self-taught photographer from A to Z  I can say … and even  I haven't reached Z as I am always learning to improve, to discover … ) I've discovered lighting on a fashion shoot, which leads me to videos of Melissa Rodwell, and then The Breed    

2. When did you decide “okay, this is it, I’m going to start shooting fashion photography!  Who were some of your mentors or inspirations when you got started?

It happened a year ago … Breed Magazine  first issue Submissions! It was a revolution I didn’t  even know the world of submissions for fashion magazine existed, as I had the surprise to have some of my portraits chosen in the jointhebreed Member Showcase,  I decided I was gonna do it , it was my project do a shooting for Breed Magazine, and see what will happens. I took my beautiful best friend in the adventure, I m lucky to have charismatics and tall beautiful friends, and we did it and its been published!!!  …  the fact that I had no team wasn’t gonna stop me!!! ...I did it as a singer who writes his own lyrics and musicthe team was 2 people I told my model about the makeup she worked on it for 2 weeks and I did the shopping, styling and post-production and of course, shooting.

3. What steps did you take to start shooting? Did you use your friends as models, or how did you start out? 

Concerning Studio shooting, in 2015  I've started with self-portraits, I had to learn, improve,  before having someone in front of my camera, I think to know how to shoot people and give emotions, and direct them,  you have to be good at self-portraits,  in my case this is why I can drive my models to go where I want them to be as for emotions and the visual I want to create

4. How do you communicate with the team you’re working with on a shoot to achieve your goals? Do you create moodboards? 

Yes, I’m a huge moodboard girl!!! … files of pages magazines, Pinterest is magic!!! Every time I plan a shoot,  especially If I don t know her, as soon as I see the person on facebook, or instagram I know what I want to achieve with the person, I check latest clothes on the internet, or in Paris stores,  and then I create a file with the name of the person and put images so she can see how I visualized her/ him, every time I send them I'm anxious the vision doesn’t match,  but it's enthusiasm every time, even the last time, when Karolina Latoszewska, a signed agency model,  who does fashion week show, and ads in London, contacted me via Instagram asking if I wanted to do a test shoot with her . 

5. What skills do you think you’ve learned from the past that help you today? How would you rate your photography from 1 year ago to today? 

I’ve always had like a frame in front of my eyes, so I'm guessing composition is really important, my passion for architecture lines, which now I love to include in fashion shoots to add a strength in the photo, the photos of me that my dad did endlessly until I was 11, influenced me a lot,  as I told you, I come from a portrait background, I learned from my dad's hands are importants, eyes don t need to be always straight to the camera to be strong in emotion, yes my portrait passion helps me a lot, I used to go around the person saying don’t notice I'm there, just be you … in outdoor fashion shoots I can apply this, in studio, we apply it in a planned way and do natural instead of being natural.  

How do I rate my photography from 1 Year ago to what I've achieved until today … magic!!! I've never thought I could handle a fashion shoot, I never knew I could be contacted by a signed agency model because she liked what she saw on my Instagram … I never Thought I had the encouragement and the support of people in the fashion industry, I've learned everything in 1 year, using my architecture and portrait and travel experiences … Breed opened up a new window for me....and gave me the path really, so Thank you Melissa! 

6. Tell us what a dream job is for you?

Hmmmm … try to guess … have a fashion shoot for Saint Laurent !!! … go back Stage Saint Laurent Fashion show ???  

7. What are the three things in your camera bag or photo bag that you can’t live without? Any particular lens you love? 

Lens Pen to clean the dust or any accident, individual eye drops you never know you don't want your model with dust or makeup in eyes and the shoot can’t go on, clamps are useful for the clothes, just in case, or can even help create a background anywhere with a fabric and voila  abracadabra!!! 

My camera is the Nikon D750,  planning to upgrade for the D850 in June!!! I'm excited …my fav lens is my Nikon AF-S Micro Nikkor 105mm 2.8G.  It’s a macro lens but God!!! so perfect for the mood shot you want to add in your fashion editorial,  concentrating more on your model face, or upper body it ’s just perfect,  something magical in the depth of field. the quality of the lens to enhance the beauty and the emotion, every time I do this part in my shoot and I show my model the shot it’s waaaaa Oh my god I love it … it’s absolutely incredible  


8. What have you learned from your early days that you can share with other Breed members who are reading this? Do you have any advice for them? 

This year I've learned that you can arrive at your goal, even if you don’t go by the rules you have to try!!! Set your self-challenges!!! … when Breed magazine, ask for submissions I had no experience for fashion and no team, but I found a way to achieve this project

Always be curious, have eyes wide opened, have a Pinterest account, for inspiration, for when someone contacts you to show him your vision, I believe the person will be more relaxed and you as well when you meet for the shoot!

Very important when you have a project when you decide to do something new for you,  don’t let anyone's fears become yours … when I build my website in 2013  to show and propose my work, just 2 friends knew I've worked for about 9 months,  and then everyone could see what I've achieved and had to offer. If I had told people before,  there would have been always someone saying,  "but you're not gonna do this job, many photographers can do this better than you, blahblahblah" … you know, the kind of friends who say come on have a piece of cake, you can diet tomorrow  … 

Go!!! Believe in your dreams!!! We all have our own fears, don't let others spoil your goals, your projects!

9. Where do you see yourself in 3 years with fashion photography? Since you live in Paris, you are pretty much in one of the bigger fashion capitals in the world. Do you plan on staying in Paris? 

In 3 years with fashion photography, I hope I keep on being better and better, I hope I'll have a kick-ass team to do incredibly beautiful fashion stories, and manage to earn my living doing fashion photography! 

Yes, I'm planning on staying In Paris!  I am aware of this new adventure that started just a year ago must grow!!! and Paris is the right place in France, but if  London Calling....... I wouldn’t say no to London as I have family and love London!!! Let’s see what the future has to offer!!!  

10. What is your favorite quote?


Melissa Rodwell